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3D Printer/CAD Engineer


Career Description

Using Creo, SolidWorks, Netfabb and/or Magics, review parts assigned to be printed on two different 3D printers. Ensure files are ready to be printed; if not either correct or communicate with the originator in a timely manner. Ensure both 3D printers are properly maintained. Print with the appropriate materials and settings. Troubleshoot any issues, whether design, material, or equipment. Perform all part post-processing to get parts fully cleaned. Package and ship parts as required.

What's next?
  • Princeton University, USA. ...
  • Cornell University, USA. ...
  • National Technology University, Singapore. ...
  • University of Connecticut, USA. ...
  • Penn State University, USA. ...
  • North Carolina State University, USA. ...
  • University of Sheffield, UK. ...
  • University of Nottingham, UK
Hourly Rate
Hourly Rate
Medium For Burke
Associate's Degree For Burke
Burke Demand
Burke Demand
Medium-Low For Burke
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