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Medical Sonographer


Career Description

Sonographers or Ultrasound Techs use ultrasound technology to capture images of internal organs and babies. They help doctors by giving their opinion about issues or problems they see. They also care for patients during these examinations to ensure their safety and comfort. Most ultrasound techs work full shifts at either a hospital or other medical facility and must be very good at anatomy. It is helpful for them to be compassionate and have good communication skills!

What's next?

To become a sonographer or ultrasound tech you need to earn your Associate's Degree and also pass a licensure exam.

If you think you might be interested in becoming an ultrasound tech ask your guidance counselor about job shadowing and make sure you are enrolled in Allied Health classes.

Click Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute to learn more about their medical sonography program.

Hourly Rate
Hourly Rate
Medium-High For Burke
Associate's Degree For Burke
Burke Demand
Burke Demand
Medium For Burke
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