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Photographer or Videographer


Career Description

If you are artistic and entrepreneurial then photography or videography might be for you! While the demand for this is low in Burke County there are some opportunities if you are persistent. Photographers and videographers operate cameras and related equipment to capture people, landscapes, buildings, merchandise and a lot of other objects! Many photographers and videographers today work computer-generated graphics or animation to further edit their work and also work with high-tech equipment like drones to capture aerial shots.

What's next?

Consider choosing photography for your senior project! Or borrow a camera from a family member and try out your skills!

Visit Western Piedmont Community College for photography and videography classes.

McDowell Technical Community College in Marion offers a two-year associate degree and a certificate in Photographic Technology. Catawba Valley Community College also offers a degree and certificate in Photographic Technology. These programs will teach you the basics of camera operation, lighting, process and digital imaging.

If you aren't ready to commit to a degree or certificate program CVCC offers photography and photoshop courses as part of their personal enrichment curriculum through their continuing education department.

Hourly Rate
Hourly Rate
Medium-Low For Burke
Certificate For Burke
Burke Demand
Burke Demand
Low For Burke
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