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Power Line Installer/Repairer


Career Description

Install, maintain or repair electric lines, regulators, transformers, and switches. Being a line-person is serious work. Safety is a priority and you must work well in a team! You should be prepared to work outside no matter the weather and (possibly) have to work some nights during storms or major outages. Many linemen get to travel to other parts of the country to help communities devastated by hurricanes or major storms.

What's next?

Being an Electrical Lineperson requires a certificate. Both Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute and Cleveland Community College have programs that are affordable and take less than 3-4 months to complete.

Seek open positions through NC Works here.

Matt Ledford at the City of Morganton

Hourly Rate
Hourly Rate
Medium-High For Burke
Certificate For Burke
Burke Demand
Burke Demand
Medium For Burke
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